DELRO Service

Our construction kits are made with selected lightweight materials and components and contain all the GRP parts required for complete model construction. Wings, tailplane, rudder in balsa-planked polystyrene construction, a landing gear in CfK, custom-fit plug-in tubes, canopy incl. frame as well as all necessary frames and rudder linkage and servo frames in CNC milling technology are standard at Delro.


All GRP parts are made of high-quality, aviation-approved epoxy resin with a white coloured top layer. The hulls are optimised for strength and weight and reinforced with sandwich inserts at highly stressed points.

The polystyrene cores of the wings and tail units are planked with light, high-quality balsa wood and finely sanded with true-to-profile nose strips.


All wings have a ready-installed plug-in and end rib as well as weight- and strength-optimised glass fabric reinforcement under the planking.

The rudders are milled out for the cradle; the servo shafts are milled out round and a cable duct is integrated.

Depending on the model type, additional reinforcements for screw connections and brackets for retractable undercarriages etc. are already installed under the planking.

Our undercarriages are made of high-quality CFRP and their strength is specially matched to the model type and the area of application.


You can obtain our conventionally constructed types in any configuration level up to the ready-to-fly model!

The rudder box is on the option list as well as the exact calibration, the engine installation including damper bearing or the installation of RC parts.

Thanks to our own developments and cooperation with engine and silencer manufacturers, we are able to offer precisely fitting drive solutions.

And even with the finish (fuselage 2 K-painted, surface professionally covered with Oracover foil) you have the opportunity to realize your own wishes and ideas. Let us make you an individual offer for your perfect dream model; it has often been shown that "do it yourself" is not always worthwhile.

Delro ready-made models cannot be compared with the usual ARF (almost ready for flight) large series models; at Delro, your model will be realized according to your ideas and you keep direct contact with the manufacturer. This alone can make the difference between "satisfied" and "enthusiastic".

The Delro Composite Models


Delro Composite models are full Gfk constructions of high quality.

The hulls as well as the supporting structures are built in shell construction with a very fine-pored supporting material.

Excellent surface quality, practical compressive strength and low weight testify to proven technology and a great deal of know-how.

These models are traditionally designed by internationally renowned competition pilots. Here, too, no compromises are made.

All Delro Composite models are delivered almost ready to fly with ready-installed frames; the only thing left is the installation of the RC and drive components. They can determine their finish under predefined design schemes with a free choice of colours. The Composite Exclusive-line series stands out again with a very elaborate paint finish applied to the outside at a later date. On request, each (and by this we mean each!) finish can be individually painted, sealed with clear lacquer, sanded, polished.....

Art is probably the most accurate description for the craftsmanship of this finish. "Too bad to fly" you will hear, ..... but that's what they're made for, and that's exactly what they can do exceptionally well!

Like many internationally renowned competition pilots, secure your very own personal Delro composite model in Exclusive-line design; you will be thrilled.