Pitts s1 Special

Pitts s1 special

The new Pitts S1 Special with 2.75 Spw and a length of 2.45m.
The Pitts was built according to original documents. The classic aerobatic plane
The moulds are ready. Now the first parts are built.
Soon more....

Cap 21

Spw 2.88m
length 2.35m
scale 1:2,8

The new Cap 21 now in the right size for everyone.
The Cap 21 was created after original documents. By her construction, light construction, as usual in Delro quality,
it is possible to achieve a very low weight. The flight characteristics are impeccable. The first Cap 21 has passed its maiden flight and is flying flawless as expected.
120-150ccm zb 3W140iB4, Valach 140B2-FS, Kolm BX-155
Ready to fly weight 14 to 17 kg
Pre-order now for the flying season 2020